Vintage cars and motorbikes, the classics we sometimes see on the road have long been an interest of mine. Fully restored or rusting quietly in the corner of a farmyard they remind me of the romantic era of automobile design and construction.  I’m old enough to remember when the ’57 Chevy and the first Ford Mustangs were real show room attractions. I can recall my dad’s stories of his 30 something Chevrolet. I loved my ‘52 Austin A40  – wonderful cars, each with a story, each with character.  Today’s cars offer little by comparison.


Several years ago I began a project to record the individuality of these old classics. Whether old, rusty and decrepit or shining in the sun as a fully restored beauty I have challenged myself to photograph the features that make them unique. You will see on my website gallery some of the images I have recorded. I played a bit with color to enhance the rust and texture of those waiting for restoration and the brilliance of those that are now probably better than when they first came off the assembly line.


Parking lots, exhibitions, storage yards and chance finds provided me with a wide array of subject matter. Some of my images easily yield the identity of the subject others leave it to the observer to determine.

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