Kingston – Fort Henry and the Rideau Canal

The War of 1812 brought about the building of Fort Henry. Rebuilt some years later it is a marvel of stone block construction. It overlooks Kingston and the entrance to the St. Lawrence River.

Today, life in the fort is depicted by actors taking on the part of soldiers when it was an active military base. On the day we visited the gunnery crew fired the cannon to signify the noon hour.


Weathered windows…


Rifle emplacements….


High Walls…



And Turrets, all illustrate a structure that symbolizes a way of life many years past.



An engineering marvel, the Rideau canal connected a series of lakes and rivers to join Lake Ontario at Kingston with the Ottawa River near the Parliament Buildings in our capital city, Ottawa. It was build following the War of 1812 to provide a safe route from Lake Ontario to Montreal via Ottawa.

Over 200 kilometers in length……

…….this waterway today serves boaters who explore the amazing recreational possibilities that unfold along it length.

Look for my next post in which I explore more deeply into the streets and lanes of Kingston.

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