Arizona – The Trip

Trailer in tow, Ellen and I started off on October 29th on our long planned road trip to Arizona . We like travelling with our fifth wheel. Unlike many of our friends who also travel south we don’t get to our destination as quickly. This time we endeavored to change that pattern with early departures, longer days and reduced shopping time……..for Ellen .

We got off to a good start leaving Kelowna by 9:30 a.m. Travel was good so we  kept on until we arrived at Hermiston, Oregon. We camped at the rv park next to the Pilot truck stop. As we arrived after dark we ate at the Subway then turned in for a good sleep.

Many truckers stop here to rest, eat, fuel up, connect on the net and make repairs.

Up early the next day we were ready for the road by 8 a.m. That’s really early for us. But the truck wouldn’t start! The batteries were dead!! I had left the box light on when I was setting up the night before. An hour or so later, we were on the road… our usual time. The AAA guy was pleasant and wished us a good trip.

Again, we travelled well and pushed on to Snowville, Utah where we camped in a rickety looking rv park. It did have all of the usual hook ups so all was well. The owner advised us to disconnect the water hose from the supply tap before we went to bed as he expected the temperature to drop below freezing over night.

It is more that 5000 feet above sea level in Snowville. It was cold. The full moon was bright.

The air was clear and cold and the moon full at Snowville, Utah.

In the morning, when I got up before dawn the moon was on its way down and the colors of sunrise were spectacular.

Me, being the thinking type (my opinion) decided to start the truck just to see if it would…  It did! So, after capturing a few images of the setting moon and the rising sun we had breakfast and got ready to go. On the road before 8am would be a record. We were ready. I turned the key …….klick, klick, klick. Not the usual rumble of the diesel. I had used all the power the batteries had to start it earlier. Dang!

Spectacular colors appeared as the sun rose at Snowville, Utah.

There was no cell phone service in Snowville, so no AAA guy this time. However, the park owner came to our rescue and got us on our way.

Quiet, empty ranchland was revealed as the moon set at sun up

After an uneventful day, we stayed in the Oasis Casino RV Park in Mesquite, Arizona. It was much warmer in Mesquite. The batteries were  happy…. I was happy. We ate and invested in the casino before heading to bed.

On November 1st, close to sunset we arrived at the Val Vista Village in Mesa Arizona.

Palm trees and warm temperatures greeted us in Mesa, Arizona.

So far, we have enjoyed the many activities here and the people we have met.

But, I will leave all of that for the coming posts.


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